Electrical Planning Report

We prepare Electrical Planning Reports (EPR) to fulfill the requirements of OIC671

OIC 671-23 (effective December 6, 2023) requires strata corporations with five more strata lots to obtain an electrical planning report by the following dates:

  • By December 31, 2026, strata corporations located in three areas: the Metro Vancouver Regional District, the Fraser Valley Regional District and the Capital Regional District (excluding the Gulf Islands) are required to obtain an electrical planning report.
  • By December 31, 2028, strata corporations located in other areas of British Columbia are required to obtain an electrical planning report.
  • New strata corporations will have five years from the deposit of the strata plan to obtain an electrical planning report.
  • For details on phased strata corporations, please refer to details as noted in the OIC.

An electrical planning report helps strata corporations to understand their current electrical capacity and their ability to meet new demands for electricity including charging electric vehicles and other needs such as installing heat pumps (section 94.1).

An electrical planning report will provide information about:

  • the current capacity of the strata corporation’s electrical system
  • a list of existing demands on the electrical system
  • an estimate of peak electrical demand and spare electrical capacity
  • an estimate of the electrical capacity needed to support future demands, such as EV charging and heat pumps and
  • recommendations for demand management

An electrical planning report must be prepared by a qualified professional: a professional engineer, an applied science technologist or a journey person electrician.

Strata corporations will be able to pay for electrical planning reports from the operating fund or the contingency reserve fund (section 92 and 96).

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